Monday, January 14, 2008

Found treasure

While moving, I found a little beige Bible. It was probably a little white Bible at one time. The first page inscription says that it was given to me a few days after I was born from the Nursery Department at the Church that my grandmother attended, my mother attended and I grew up at, left and then returned.

The last page of the little Bible has a list of prayer requests obviously written in my 5 year old handwriting. The first on the prayer list is my cat. The second is Dawn's cat. Obviously, all the cats were prayed over in the neighborhood.

Further down the list was my preacher and his wife, which, after 30 years, are still my preacher and his wife. I told his wife last weekend what I found, but I cant wait to actually bring the little Bible to Church and show everyone.

I bet the same women who wrote out the inscription will be there, will recognize her handwriting and fondly recall all the events surrounding me getting that Bible. Hopefully, she will share it all with me.

I wonder how many other little beige Bibles that little Church has blanketed the community with?

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