Saturday, April 12, 2008

I went shopping again

And got these three shirts at Ann Taylor Loft:

I know, they are not all that exciting.

All the exciting things did not work out. The cute navy wedge heel shoe? Didn't have in my size. The tall denim trousers? Not tall enough. The long, flowing white linen skirt with the green border? Not on sale. So, I was left with three not so exciting shirts to add to the work wardrobe.

But, the three basic shirts that match everything in my closet will suddenly be a lot more exciting at 7:30-ish one morning when I have two minutes to get dressed and am blindly grabbing something to put on and run out the door, but not look like I blindly grabbed something and then ran out the door.


Cajunchic said...

OOH Anne Taylor Loft is one of my favorite stores. They have the most beautiful, classic clothing.

Miss*Suzanne said...

I love Anne Taylor too! Don't you just hate it when a store doesn't have your size but they have a half a rack of zeros and twos? Who wears those anyway? :)

I bet you look great in your new finds!

Have a wonderful day,