Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Live Well Wednesday

Those professional baseball players know a thing or two about getting back to the basics. and I am onto something...

Oh, I'm still having trouble getting all the veggies/fruits in. Really, there is just no where for me to put them after I eat the whole pan of brownies.

That would be funny if it weren't true.

What did I really do different?
I was mindful of trying to eat 5 fruits and veggies each day. I did not make it on many a day- but I did make an effort.
I drank a lot of water daily.
I walked my dog for 1 mile four times a week.

AND.... I have a 1.4 pound loss to show for my efforts.

See who else is living well this week: look here:

PS: Everyone always asks what we actually do at a Weight Watcher meeting. Today it was a great meeting. The topic was emotional eating and the speaker was excellent. It was about emotional eating. In a nut shell, there are reasons that we eat other than hunger. Maybe you eat because your angry. After you have those cookies, you are still angry, the cookies did not solve your problem and now your feeling guilty and angry. So you now eat some cake.... and it keeps going....


mom said...

{{{Bobbie}}} You know, you have to start somewhere and make it a habit, and it looks like you are making some steps forward - just don't trip over that brownie pan! I say, go ahead and eat those five servings of fruits and vegetables and see if you are still hungry for the brownies? One of the best habits I've started is when I am starving hungry I make myself eat a big heaping salad and when I'm done with that the craving for all those bad things has faded.....

Tammy ~@~

Marsha said...

Hi Bobbie!

It sounds like you've got a plan that's working well for you. That's terrific, keep it up. You're an inspiration to the rest of us who would rather eat the pan of brownies rather than our veggies.

ET said...

Way to go on the weight loss! (I also have difficulty fitting in f&v after dining at McDonld's for dinner, lol.)

Shari said...

I just ate a hot dog and fries with the kids. I'm too full for fruits and vegies. And they just don't go well with hot dogs and fries. Emotional eating is exactly what I've been reading about in Lose it for Life. I still find myself eating for emotional reasons even though I know that it won't help. Uhgg.

Darlene said...

Bobbie thanks for the encouragement. I too have plans to eat well and then fall off the wagon. Like today, Oh my... we have a new pizza place in town and of course, when one of the teachers said she would go pick up the food. I have to join them! They had these garlic knots that were so yummy!! I need to stay away from them.

Thanks for remembering to pray for my daughter. Tomorrow is prom and she is so stressed. She is worried about the dress looking right. Going to a new hairdresser ...wants hair to be perfect. "Need to have the toes done" she says and of course don't forget the makeup. Flowers...have to have the right flowers which to her is the calilillies (sp?). Anyway all this stressing she is doing is stressing on me. We just got back from tanning and there are tornado warnings out. You can hear the serenes going off!! I know, it's crazy ...but it made her feel better. Please pray for all to go well tomorrow.
I don't know about you ....but I hear the beach calling me!!
I have added you to my "places I visit" on my blog ....hope that is okay.
Have a great weekend.

Darlene said...

Congrats on your 1.4 weight loss. You have been trying to make change, and that is such wonderful news!