Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Chores

Typically, after church and a nice meal out, Sunday Afternoons are then devoted to chores around the house. The laundry room is right off the kitchen, and I am able to keep up with doing several loads of laundry while cooking. A cold front is expected tonight, and it is already much cooler and breezy. I opened all the windows to air the house out. I changed the sheets and added a blanket to the bed. I have swept and generally tidied up.

But my favorite Sunday chore is cooking. Most Sunday afternoons you will find me in the kitchen- putting up groceries, making a big dinner, sometimes baking, generally getting ready for the upcoming week, and today has been no different.

My brother in law asked me to make him some cookies. His request was accompanied by the statement that I make the best chocolate chip cookies that he has ever had. This was very smart of him since it practically guaranteed him some cookies.

I am a sucker for someone who appreciates my (limited) cooking skills.

When I am in the kitchen on Sundays, I always think about my father in law, who lived with us for a year and a half before he passed. He was a big fan of mine, took great interest in all my cooking and looked forward to every meal. Of course, my husband also appreciates my cooking, and has his favorite dishes that he requests and I happily make, but his father was uncommonly interested in food in general, and what I was cooking in particular. (He use to say that my chicken pot pie was "exceptional").

Today, I was able to do something that I had hoped to do for some time- that is to freeze home made cookie dough into individual cookies for later use. How do you do this? Spoon the dough onto the Cookie sheet just like you were going to bake it, instead of putting in the oven, put it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so. Then take the frozen individual cookies and put in a zip lock bag. When you want a cookie or two- there they are.

I wish I could take credit for that brilliant idea- but I read about it here.

There are so many projects left to do with this house,(the entire upstairs has yet to be painted, the small bathroom is still awaiting its wallpaper, the garage is still not unpacked) but its nice to stop doing the big projects and just focus on getting the everyday chores done.

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Jen said...

Love the cookie dough idea!! Thanks for sharing that.

Also, I said a prayer for your friend. I hope she recovers quickly.