Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Reasons why I am choosing to live well

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This little list is posted in several places where I see it multiple times everyday- the closet, the pantry, the car, at work...

Reasons I am choosing to live well;

1. More energy.

2. Generally feel better.

3. Joyfully walk the dog each night instead of dreading it as a chore and doing only the minimum (which means sometimes I make him stay in)

4. Stop thinking about food all the time.

5. Fit into all clothes in closet.

6. Able to take multiple stairs (without calling an ambulance), which is sometimes required at work.

7. Be more productive at home and at work by not spending the first four hours each day in a constant search for coffee and Diet Moutian Dew.

8. God wants me to consciously chose what is better, strive to do better and not just consume the fastest, easiest thing I can get by with (see Daniel 1)

9. Stop paying for the Weight Watcher meetings.

10. Keep that small feeling of accomplishment.

11. Exercising control in the areas of life which I can control- what I put in my mouth- makes me feel better about the many areas I cant control.

12. Avoiding preservatives and who knows what else in junk food.

13. Stop the merry-go-round of losing the same few pounds over and over and over again.

14. This is one of the only little things I get to do for myself- just for myself.

15. No one else can see it- but I feel the little bulge over my pantyhose and it drives me crazy and is uncomfortable - and I wear pantyhose five days a week (yes, even in the summer).

16. I want to be a good example to others whom I might have some influence over.

17. Sleep better.

18. Apples and Lettuce is generally cheaper than Oreos and dip.

19. More self confidence in appearance.

20. I am quicker to reach out to others if my mind is not always on myself.


ValleyGirl said...

Great list! There are SO many good reasons to treat ourselves well!! I should write out a list like this, too.

Darlene said...

Great post...Great reasons. I am coming off caffeine. I am doing good. I buy caffeine free diet drinks. My next thing is carbonation. I hope to kick the diet coke habit in the mornings and drink water instead. I think I have to have one even without the caffeine. Crazy ...I know.
Have a great week!

Denise said...

Such a great list. Hang in there sweetie.

Darlene said...

I like your list. It's alot like the one that I'd write!