Sunday, July 27, 2008

This week I. . . .

- Recruited a friend at work to join WW with me! Its so much easier to do it with a friend.

- Dealing with hormone changes. Having a hysterectomy sure cures a lot of problems... but brings others that no one tells you about...

- Grilled pork chops for dinner. This is a big deal because this is usually my husband's job, and I have not before touched the grill. But he is busy with wood flooring... so I am filling in other places.

- Met a neighbor while out walking who I had just waved at in passing before. She said she was happy to have a new neighbor in our small subdivision and seemed interested in me and mentioned that she missed having a good neighbor friend to visit with. I will make it my goal to befriend her.

- Survived the hottest week of the summer thus far. It was so hot, sticky and generally miserable it made me want to go to work, stay in all day, come home and stay in all night. This is really bad news for the dog who expects to be walked each evening, and for my schedule since I plan on getting a whole lot done each day on the lunch hour. The hot steamy weather is also bad news for my hair.

- Took over the planning of the Women's Ministry events at Church.

- Made home made wheat rolls....I need more practice.

- Am so impressed with my friend at Church. She and her husband bought a couple of trailers in a trailer park to rent out and then her son invited the renter's son to Church. He was saved and went home and witnessed to his family. The entire family has been saved! Now this first rental family has invited a second family to Church! My friend has her own little mission field!

- Dreamed I failed college... although it was years ago and I didn't. I was upset for DAYS....even though I know it did not happen, the stress of the dream was so real.

- Watched a great deal of Hallmark TV. They have several series of movies that I get sucked into... Sarah Plain and Tall, then the other two or three that followed... and Love Comes Softly and the other forty-three or so that followed.....

- Finished the floor in one bedroom upstairs and the hallway!


Darlene said...

You had a busy week! homemade wheat rolls....will you share the recipe?
I am thinking about joining WW...again. I really need to lose some weight and exercise.
Thanks for the encouragemnt!

ValleyGirl said...

Wow, isn't it amazing how much we can get done when the computer stays off?!! You've had a big week and I bet you're tired, but probably feeling quite rewarded as well.