Friday, August 8, 2008

My Animal House

The bunny sits outside the kitchen door.

The kitchen kitty, brought home from an antique shop. She's a little scuffed up, but I like her just the way she is.

The dog stays in the foyer. He was a gift from my Uncle Bobby when I was a little girl, after my real wiener dog, Butch, died.

The birdie is from Royal Standard, sitting in the foyer next to a birdhouse made from wood from a wagon that my husband's family had in the early 1900s. It sits on the foyer table, also an antique from my husband's family.

This birdie also lives in the foyer- also from Royal Standard- on top of a "bonnet closet". It belonged to my father in law's mother, Jennie, and she kept her bonnets in it.

The first Christmas present my husband gave me when we were dating. He moves all over the house, but today he is sitting in the dining room.

Two sweet little kitties sit in my book case. They once sat at my Maw-Maw's house. But they are soon going in the china cabinet...

and my favorite animal of all... just waking up from a nap.... where he usually is.... sleeping on the couch... with a pillow.


gin said...

Ah Hah! i knew you would give in to Butch! Inside a little, outside a little, glad ya'll made up!!

gin said...

oh yes, and, all the animals look great. i just got carried away with Butch inside that i forgot to mention the real comment.

Darlene said...

He is cute! My daughter's dog Ava loves to sleep on our leather couch. It amazes me how they can inch their way into your heat. We was not happy about her getting the dog ... now Ava is like a part of the family.
Nice pictures of the animals in your house. I have got to figure out how to download pictures from my camera...then maybe I can share too.
Have a great weekend!

Nicole said...

Fun treasures, the one on your couch is the best, he looks so sweet.

Jen r. said...

I love your little animals! They are the best kind! :) Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I am off to look at your blog I love yard sale finds! Jen R

Cuzn said...

Hi - - I think I love the 'animals' - more than I love your menus for this week :) Your animals are precious - - - I may have a 'pet' to pass on to you and my sister.... I'm sure Butch is probably more obedient (now that he won )- - however I just know secretly that he is truly rejoicing - - -that he now resides inside - - (and with a pillow !) Be Blessed !