Friday, August 22, 2008

My dining room- a five part story

Part One:
When we were looking for a house (my first house I might add), even though I did not have a formal dining room table, (and I still don't) I was absolutely insistent on having a dining room and a breakfast nook. Everyone- I do mean everyone from the realtor to my cousin next door- told me I was crazy, that I would regret a formal dining room, that it was a waste of good space, that they never use their formal dining, and I should seriously reconsider having that on my non-negotiable house list and you don't even have a dining room table for crying out loud!! I have to admit some of the things on my non-negotiable house list were ultimately, negotiated (goodbye dreams of a large walk in pantry) but.... as it turned out....a dining room was not one of them. I could almost pinch myself! I have a real dining room! Still no table.... but a dining room.

Part Two:
Since I do not have a dining room table said dining room has sat empty. Well, that's not completely true. It holds the china cabinet that belonged to my Maw-Maw, just sitting there waiting and hoping to one day meet a complimentary dining room table. And since the upstairs rooms do not have a floor, it holds other odds and ends that I did not have any place for right now- such as a sewing machine, a desk and a big comfortable chair where I eat breakfast and the dog takes his morning and afternoon naps. Its quite the decorator showcase.

Part Three
I am now giddy with just the possibility of me, for the first time, owning a real dining room table to put in my real dining room. Not one that is almost falling apart that my aunt gave me instead of throwing away. Not one that I found on the side of the road. Not one I "made" with plywood and bricks and a sheet on top. But a real dining room table. A real dining room table that is 8 (yes, I said 8) feet long, and a real dining room table that is a real antique and a real dining room table marked down to a fraction of its original price.

Part four:
The problem? The aforementioned real dining room table may be too large for my dining room. Rats! I am debating it. Tonight I am literally going to put tape on the floor to mark off where it will sit. To be perfectly honest, I am afraid it is too big for my space and I am desperately trying to make it work. I am afraid it is too big for anyone's space and that is why it is such a huge discount. (really- an 8 foot table? Who has the room for an 8 foot table?) and because I really am that much off my rocker about this dining room table, I have visited with it the last three days in a row, one visit being over an hour and a half while I took pictures and text'ed them to my husband, who has already said just go buy the dang thing.

Part five.
OK.... you got me.... Part five does not actually exist. I tried to put pictures of this much desired dining room table here but was unable to get them off my phone. Because just taking the picture and text-ing it is as much of an accomplishment as I can muster on anything remotely technically advanced.


Dawn said...

I hope it works out that you can get the table!! I'm glad you didn't have to give up the dining room when you got your house!! Yay! Have a good weekend!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

I totally get the "not technically
advanced" either!! :)

M ^..^

Jo - To a Pretty Life said...

Hi. I just discovered your blog through Joy's spray paint party, and I'm adding you to google reader because I'm dying to know if you get that table ;-)

I'm about to inherit an 8-foot dining table, but I'm lucky that it's a gate-leg table that has a bunch of leaves that fold inside to make it a 2-foot table...since I don't yet have a dining room.