Thursday, September 4, 2008

Somehow, one of the angel trumpets I got from Aunt Dot in Mississippi survived the hurricane to bloom for the first time today!! Such a sweet thing to find in my otherwise destroyed back yard.


Dawn said...

It is beautiful! I'm glad it survived! Yay for your power being back on! They're telling us up to 21 days!

Sharon said...

I am so Glad it survived and look how beautiful it is. I am glad you are up and running, I was really worried for you all.
Now we have Ike~~~~~Yikes!!
Sending mannnny Blessings your way

joelandbecca said...

You are so cute! That is so crazy that you commented. I was just thinking about you and wondering if you were ok and affected by the storm. I just scrolled down and saw the damage. I am so glad you are ok!