Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Planning Monday with a challange

You can see more weekly menus here.

This week, I am going to be thrifty and don't have a regular menu planned. Instead what I will be doing, and challenging you to be doing too, is to make dinner from all food currently in your freezer and pantry.

I'm pretty sure PB & J sandwiches will be served one night, with a big glass of milk. Mmmmmm......

Tell me how you do with the challenge.


Sharon said...

OHHHHH no NO menu,,,,,, hahahaha
well I really have to think this week you have made it very difficult. hhaahaha

tonite is taco salad night for me!!

gin said...

ohhhhh, this is like school - no study guide! Ok, I'll try this on my own. But hope you will be back next Monday with a plan! Tonight will be chili. I Have all ingredients which are probably from last winter, so I hope it comes out. I would hate to blame you for my food poisoning from expired food. (just kidding I wouldn't blame you)

gin said...

or, it's like a pop quiz. When your not expecting to have to come up with some answers on the cuff. Can't you tell you have just flustered me with no plan?

Sharon said...

hahaha now Gin is funny. Hubby was happy to have that taco salad, so I passed on one so far. I always eat any left overs for lunch the next day, unless there's alot and I can get a couple of meals out of it.
Tonight is Latino Shepards pie
Wednesday is baked chicken marinated and topped with pineapple & honey glaze with yellow rice.
Thursday we will have breakfast
Friday ~~~~~~~~~~ not sure yet :)

So what do you think?