Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chapter 2: How is your attitude?

Now just wait a minute.... before you start going on and on to yourself about how there is nothing wrong with your attitude, you have a great attitude, people tell you all the time how calm and sweet you are and this Chapter is just not for you...

Stop right there.

What were you thinking when you first opened your eyes this morning, and when all the hot water was used before you got in the shower, and when you were stuck in traffic, late for work (again), or looked in the fridge and found nothing defrosted for dinner or just thought about having to make dinner?

Cindi Wood points out in Chapter 2 of The Frazzled Female Bible Study that Women can typically go through the major things in life but its usually the accumulation of the smaller daily hassle that robs us of our joy and sneaks us on us giving us a bad attitude

Now.... how's your attitude? No, really.

How is your attitude?

So what! I can hear you saying now! I may have a little bit of a bad attitude... but I keep it to myself. I put my best foot forward in public. My bad attitude doesn't affect anyone but me!

Wrong! We may think we can hide the attitude pretty well, but really, we are always affecting others. Who is your bad attitude affecting?





The clerk at the grocery store?

People who we would never think is watching us?

Our witness to others?

OURSELVES? Because we are constantly talking to ourselves in our own mind... even if we try to hide it in front of others. Our bad attitude still affects us.

What does God have to say about our bad attitude?

Read Philippians 4:8

What is True?






More excellent?

Praise worthy?

Does that describe what you think about? Does it decribe your attitude?

Having negative attitude keeps you focused on yourself and unproductive in every area - which is exactly what the devil wants- you to be unproductive in all areas

How do we have a positive attitude and focus on what God is telling us to focus on? GOD’S power. But we have to choose to tap into his power.

How do we tap into God’s power? In a nut shell, by choosing to sit at his feet.

Next week: Chapter 3: I dont have enough time! (maybe my favorite chapter...) Homework is: Think of your best time saving tip to share with us in the comment section... I'll get you started by saying that one of my best time saving tips is using a crockpot and coming home to dinner already cooked.


Pegi said...

My attitude?

When I have not been involved in my daily devotioanls alone with God, I can feel the stress - anxiety - - - -

Trust me - regularly devotionals at nite are a great help towards my ATTITUDE.

Sarah Mae said...

Oh, I KNOW I struggle with my attitude - ever other minute! I constantly have to try and take my thoughts captive to Christ - whew, it's tough!

gin said...

I hide my attitude and then take it out on those closest to me. I will commit to work on my attitude and allow God's power to control my attitude.

Stacey said...

This is such a good post. Bad attitudes are definitely a bad habit that sneak up on me. I've tried lately to wake up and think, "Good Morning God". It's hard to start out negatively when I try to think of that first. Sounds small but it really helps.