Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring is here

I thought I had killed this Spanish Lavender last year by over watering the thing. Evidently, some survived, and is now starting to flower. let's see how it makes it through the summer.

These Gardenias are by the kitchen door. Its unbelievable how these small white flowers make the entire area smell great. This is my husband's favorite, and the only one he has ever asked me to make sure I plant.

Last Spring, in order to add a patio to her backyard, one of my friends removed 5 Jasmine vines, and did not want to fool with replanting them. I was happy to take them off her hands and plant them along my fence line. My husband built a wire structure for them to climb. At first, I was worried that they would not do so well, having been shocked by being uprooted and re-planted. So far, they've been growing really well, but not flowering.... until suddenly, this week, after one year, blooms appeared along with the beautiful fragrance. It must be the Spring weather. My goal is to have them cover the fence.

The newest addition to my back patio, my first Amaryllis. I've never had much success with Lily's and bulbs. So an expert gardener, the oldest man in my church, and I worked out a little deal. In exchange for fresh made cookies or banana bread, or whatever I happened to cook over the weekend, he takes pity on a struggling young gardener and started this plant for me, then gave me explicit instructions on how to keep it alive and blooming. I am by far the one getting the best deal here. He is 95 years old, and has hundreds of Amaryllis in his yard. Hundreds. Now, with his help, I have one.


E. Tyler Rowan said...

Oooooh! Those amaryllis are beeee-a-yuuuu-te-ful! :)

Pegi said...

Beautiful Amaryllis ! and Yes "THE 95 yr old gentlemen certainly has a way with flowers ! - - -

Pegi said...

Oh - - and Happy Easter !