Saturday, August 15, 2009


Yard Sale Saturday!

One extremely tall glass hurricane type candle holder (or is it a vase?) from yard sale this weekend $3. With a candle I had already at home and craft sand/small pepples from Wal-Mart $9. (who knew sand was so expensive???) and Shells I picked up on Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The latest edition to my black toile tray wall is the round one on the bottom. Its not as pretty as the other trays, and its round. But it is a black toile tray and they are getting harder and harder to find, especially for $2.00 at a yard sale.

Rug for the laundry room in front of garage door $3. It was an accident that it matches the floor so perfectly it just blends right in.

An unopened package of three foil containers for bringing food to others $.50. (These are expensive from the store)

Two mini muffin pans and one angel food cake pan $1.50.

Two dark blue candles for the top of china cabinet $1.

See what others got this morning here


Pegi said...

Great Buys - You had to get up bright & early to claim these treasures - - The unopened aluminum pans are perfect for your food ministry.

Pegi said...
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Martha said...

Love what you did with the hurricane candle holder. I love the beach but rarely find "displayable" quality shells anymore. I'm keeping your idea in mind even if I have to buy the shells. You did well on your finds this morning. It sure is fun isn't it? Martha

Stacey said...

I love your black trays and they look so pretty against the blue wall.

gin said...

Nice variety of finds. I like the tray the best of course, and I will pay you double the price for the mini=muffin pans! I just priced them new at the store to buy some and they were ten bucks for one.

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Girl, I am so envious! How I love garage sale-ing... Love what you did with the sand and shells. And I actually think the round tray fits beautifully with your collection; I think maybe you think it doesn't look "right" just b/c of the position - I would maybe switch places for the rectangular one and the round one. Just me, though. Also, love your blue wall. I have no blue in my house right now, but maybe when I get the itch to paint again.