Saturday, August 1, 2009

Surprising things I've learned this week

1. It takes one after hours clinic, one general doctor's office, one emergency room, two blood tests, a flu screen and an x-ray to diagnosis pneumonia.

2. The wrong antibiotic, no matter how big it is, will not make you feel better.

3. Its possible to keep a 102.2 fever for four days despite taking three cold baths a day, four Advil every six hours, chicken soup for every meal, two (wrong) prescription antibiotics and three prescription cough medicines.

4. My husband's idea of making me feel better is to shower me with ice cream, potato chips and rice crispy treats.

5. It is surprisingly easy to drop off the face of the earth for one week.... not so easy for two weeks.


E. Tyler Rowan said...

I hope that they've got the medication right this time around! Sheesh, you must feel terrible!

Pegi said...

Hope u feel better soon - That's a lot of med for it not take effect - - definitely no fun being sick - - let me know if I can do anything 4 u.

Julie said...

oh my goodness, I am so sorry! I am praying the right medicine kicks in soon and you feel better. Poor thing!!!

I got your letter and chocolate in the mail!!! THANK YOU. Can I tell you what you xeroxed for me was so good. I have kept it in my book I am reading to look back over it. Thanks for thinking of me and praying for me!!!!