Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A bit more randomness that is my life

What are the odds that one would get a sinus infection less than a week after being cleared by the doctor from having pneumonia? Whatever those odds, I have beaten them, and returned to the doctor for the second time this week. I should have asked, so how long is it before I’ll get pneumonia again, because I know its just a matter of time now.

I now know what the controversy is in major league baseball. I've been given steroids. The dr said "this will make you feel great immediately, but you wont sleep tonight." He wasn't lying.

I didn’t bother to tell him that I probably wont sleep because I’ve already had three cups of coffee- not counting the one I spilled on my grey suit in the car this morning (on a side note... I’ve just discovered these. They have individual flavored packets and I’ve been working my way through them all. So three time this morning, I brought a packet to the secretary’s desk closest to the kitchen to have her snip off the end...(yes, the same one) so now she is convinced I am really an 80 year old, falling in the parking lot, going to the dr twice in one week, and now three cups of instant coffee.)

I also never mentioned to the dr that I probably would not sleep because I had two diet cokes, not counting the one that I spilled all over the same grey suit at lunch when the bottom of the Chick-Fil-A cup literally fell out- the entire bottom- fell out, leaving the entire diet coke on my suit, my legs, shoes and in a big puddle on the floorboard of the car. I literally had to drive with my feet on top of the peddles so not to be ankle deep in diet coke and ice. (On another side note... my aunt used to tell me to always buy clothes that can be washed and I would just roll my eyes and think that dry cleaning was a small price to pay for fashion... until a grey suit, on clearance at JC Penny found its way into my closet and into the washer. Now, I wish I had ten of them.)

But I did not tell the dr any of that, instead I just took my latest prescription and returned to Rite-Aid for the fourth time that day. Do the people at Rite-Aid wonder who is that woman and why is she in this store every two hours?

And the dr knew what he was talking about. Last night, I worked until 8:30p (which is why I didn't go to Bible study), went home to do two loads of laundry, change the sheets, clean the bathroom and then, about midnight, climb into my new-vacation PJs, a little early. But is there any other day that would more deserve breaking out new vacation PJs for?

Then I was up at 4a, cooking breakfast, cleaning the kitchen and dining room, packing for vacation, and getting to work very early... with only one thought on my mind... how can I get some more of these steroids? Baseball players have known about this little secret for far too long.

But I have a headache from the steroid shot. Because I forgot to get Advil on all my four trips to Rite-Aid. Thats the original reason I went. Then I got up from my desk, drove directly there, got in and just stood in the store wondering why I went. All four times. I just ended up buying all manner of random things that I thought I needed at the time, like a pencil sharper for my makeup pencils and candy for the office.... more proof for the secretary that I am really 80.


Sarah said...

I just found you via a friend, I love the freshness of this page. Delighted to meet you.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Oh Bobbie, I am in gales of hilarious laughter. I am so sorry! But seriously, you just can't make this stuff up. But I must have missed something - why are you not able to snip off the ends of the coffee packets? Is there a finger or wrist injury? Now I better go back and read (I thought it was mostly knees). Perhaps I'm the one who's 80...

gin said...

umm, now i'm getting a little worried about you. are you sure you are well enough to travel to the far northwest?

Pegi said...

Oh Bobbie, - - perhaps a vacation is really what you need. But, perhaps you will consider to forget the steriods. I do hope you get some rest. I assume you are not making any of this up :>) lol You and hubby have a wonderful vacation (and, get some rest) - - and remember to wear your LSU shirt to the game in Seattle. Geaux Tigers!