Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday $15.50

Clear candle holder, already on the mantle $.25

Small Tupperware container $.50

Angel Food cake pan $1

Small glass container with lid $.25

Soap Dish $.25

Old white platter $.25 (the one on the bottom). It matches the other one I got a few months ago, also for $.25

7 small Chandelier shades for an upcoming project.... hint.... it involves a chandelier. $1 each

Lazy Susan, now holding cans in the pantry. $3

Large, 3 wick candle. $2

3 hole punch $1


gin said...

great finds. a chandelier project! waiting to see.

Meghan said...

Oh! I love the platters and the soap dish. I wish I was better at discovering treasures at yard sales.