Saturday, November 14, 2009

This was my Saturday- play by play

5:48a: Get to kitchen to check on beef stew in crock pot that cooked over night. Yes, I made beef stew AGAIN.

6:19a: back in bed with oatmeal and coffee (and the dog)

6:43a: Pack magazines, water and coffee for trip to Mississippi with the hubs. I want to bring the dog. I get outvoted.

6:48a: Return home to make sure oven is off and stew in fridge.

7:10a: Bust in on brother in law to drop off lawn mower, re-fill coffee and bathroom break.

8:14a: Could not have picked a nicer fall day for traveling

8:19a: Call mother in law to invite her over for stew after church tomorrow. She asks if there will be cornbread also. I obligate self to make cornbread.

8:25a: Call brother in law to invite him to have stew and cornbread after church tomorrow. He asks if there will be cookies. He then goes on and on about how great my brown sugar cookies are. I am such a sucker. Obligate self to make brown sugar cookies.

8:45a: Ask husband how I got myself obligated to make corn bread and sugar cookies with a house full of guests after church tomorrow? He is silent.

9:40a: bathroom break at gas station. one diet coke, one cheese danish, one granola bar and some Tootsie Roll Pops, we are back on the road.

10:00a: Another garden show on talk radio. I had no idea Mississippi talk radio was so informative on Saturday mornings. Silently will myself to have energy to work on garden tomorrow.

10:46a: Arrive at Wal-Mart in Laurel, Mississippi. Spend an inordinate amount of time in the floral section looking for fall bouquet for graves.

11:35a; Give up on fall bouquet. Everyone gets white roses.

11:45a: Lunch at my favorite spot, Western Sizzling.

12:30p: Enjoy the most pitiful fall colors I have ever seen.

12:36p: Arrive at graveyard to visit father in law and arrange flowers.

12:49p: Realize flowers in the trash can are perfectly good and not too faded. Dig them out and put on graves that are without.

1:15a: Travel a little way to visit husband's property and the neighbor whose mobile home is for sale, make the same offer we have made for the past 2 years. We want the land only, not the mobile home. He ain't hearing it.

1:39p: Every time we visit, we also look over the place where his grandparents house use to be. Its just an empty field now with some bricks scattered around. We look for good bricks and talk about a spot to build a house one day (our retirement home)

1:59p: Travel a little further down the road to visit Aunt Dot. Get the usual tour around the yard to see whats blooming. This time tour involved introduction to 8 cats or so. Kick self for not taking camera out for the tour.

2:45p: Settle in for a long drive home.

4:00p: Wake up from nap. grumpy and wanting coffee.

5:05p: The most beautiful sunset. I look forward to bed.

5:50p: Heat up stew at home and debate about whether to make cookies or not. I am really tired. I force self to make cookies

7:10p: I don't think cookies turned out right. I am over tired and in a hurry. Cookies taste rushed.

8:20p: I'm dreaming of going to bed, instead I decide to make banana bread with chocolate chips to give to elderly at church. Its part of my cookie ministry.

9:10p: Give husband explicit instructions on taking bread out of oven when timer goes off while I get ready for bed.

10:35p: Kitchen is clean, alarm is set for church, and I drag self to bed.

11:49p: A loud noise wakes me up. Dog and Husband investigate and report back that it is a cat. A cat that hit the side of the house. I am too sleepy to even ask what in the sam hill he is talking about.

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gin said...

what a busy day. It all sounded constructive. I like the 1:39pm time the best.