Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving plans

The irony is not lost on me. I anxiously plot and plan, and sometimes even lay awake at night, thinking about what I will be cooking when the opportunity next present itself, and for Thanksgiving, the once a year Olympic cooking event (that Food Network even has a countdown for), my oven is cold and I am three states away, at the beach, not participating. Is it strange that I take Thanksgiving "off"? Instead of baking myself into a frenzy, taking requests to bring certain dishes, making impressively long grocery shopping lists, subscribing to more activity, I completely stop. And leave.

A restful Thanksgiving alone with the hubs. Its become our tradition. A long weekend at Gulf Shores, Alabama where we do almost the exact same thing every single year, fried turkey at Bubba's Seafood Shack, hot coffeee in the cold parking lot of Walmart very early on Black Friday, followed by Tanger Mall, lunch at Lambert's, rounding the day out with watching football and taking naps.

Only thing that changes is our choice of  accommodations, sometimes a hotel  at the beach, sometimes a cabin in the woods, and this year, it will be the nicest hotel with the best view of the Gulf directly on the beach.  One of the side effects of the oil spill, even the best hotel prices are shockingly low right now. And, as you can guess, beaches are deserted on Thanksgiving.

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Cuzn said...

Happy Thanksgiving! - - hope u get some rest and get up real early to catch those sales!