Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 6

of my 17 days off and I am deep into my list.

I have a list. Yes, I actually have a written list. A list of things to get done while off work. Reading is on that list, so I do feel productive in one small area. I finished the one year reading plan in the Chronological Bible, I finished Beth Moore's No More Insecurity book and I am almost finished with No More Christian Nice Girl book
Some other really exciting things on my list: clean baseboards, read the paper every morning, sit and have coffee out of a real cup while looking out of your own window, bring feather bed to commercial washer, cook dinner every night, clean guest room bedspread, install shelf in laundry room, learn how to make biscuits, organize cleaners under sink, meet husband for surprise lunch, get vacuum cleaner bags, and other random things that you think about doing but never actually do.
Some things not on my list, but you would think they were since I have been so successful in the follow areas: eat chocolate chip cookies all afternoon, watch Young and the Restless, change Christmas day menu three times, talk on phone to best friend three hours every day, watch every single broadcast of local news, vow to avoid the Christmas shopping traffic then find self in it each day and visit at least two grocery stores daily.

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Love Bears All Things said...

How would we ever survive without lists...and they get more important the older I get, else I might just forget myself one day.
Mama Bear