Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I cooked- Spinasse Ragu.

Recipe came from paper. I've never made real spaghetti sauce before..... the kind you cook all day. My lack of knowledge, skill or experience still dosn't stop me from modifications, of course.

Cook one pound ground pork

and one pound ground meat with salt and pepper until no longer pink. drain, set aside.

In food processor, chop two onions, two carrots, two celery. Add to pot with two tablespoons olive oil.

Add one tablespoon dried Rosemary and cook until veggies are browned. This is where the recipe and I started going in two different directions.
I added Italian seasoning instead.

Add one can of diced tomatoes. Cook until tomatoes turn dark, about 15 minutes.
Add meat back to pot.

Add one cup dry red wine and cook another 15 minutes.

Add one 32 oz  chicken broth. Reduce heat to low, cover, and cook for 4-5 hours. 

After two hours, I didn't think it had enough tomato taste and added a jar of chunky Ragu 
with another tablespoon of Italian seasoning. Whole house smells fantastic.
Recipe says to serve it over fresh fettuccine, but I like this better.

Recipe said nothing about adding cheese, but I like it. So on it goes.

A bonus! Leftovers for lunch and smaller meals for the freezer, meaning meals for later!

I love this recipe!

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gin said...

I like anything italian spaghetti!! looks delicious.