Friday, May 20, 2011

Insta- friday- The story of my week

Somebody didn't feel good and had to go to the doctor.

Mississippi River at 47 feet, still in its banks but barely.

Still looking for rugs. I narrowed it down to three. This is my second choice.

This is in third place.

I ordered this one.

A little Friday afternoon entertainment.

Look!! More!!! Here!!!


kara noel said...

Great rug! Rug shopping is such a pain. Mine is so impractical (light background with 3... almost 4... kiddos) but I {heart} it! here is a pic (like the 4th or 5th photo down)

gin said...

pretty rug! you made a great choice. what did you come away with from the estate sale? hope the baby is feeling better.

Jessica Johnson said...

hopped over from life arranged! that river shot is beautiful. hoping it behaves! :)

Pegi said...

Great selection of new rug! Hope the little dog is feeling better!