Monday, July 11, 2011

Im on a search

This is how it works around here. You ask where your melon came from. You see an old man in overalls in a pickup truck on the side of the road selling vegetables and pull off. You tell your friends about the good watermelons and what color truck he has and what corner he's on.

I hear there is a man on the corner of Perkins and Seigen with the best watermelons this year. I have a friend who buys two each weekend. Every time I'm over in that direction,  hes not there.

The search for a great watermelon has consumed my summer.

We've had two from Washington Parish. They were not so great. We had one from Mississippi, which was by far the best, and this weekend, one from Texas, which was good, but not great.

The old man with the pickup and the overalls and the Texas watermelons was trash talking the Washington Parish melons. He said, not enough rain. No good melons over there this year. Then tried to teach me how to pick a good melon by feeling for ridges. Let me feel all the melons. They all feel the same to me. I finally gave up and let him pick one and carry it to my car and nestle it on the floor, and left $17 lighter.

He also had some Georgia Peaches and some Tomatoes of unknown origin (I forgot to ask.... I'm sure it wasn't unknown to him). The peaches were the best I have had this summer. I went looking for more peaches Sunday afternoon, but it was too late.  He was probably half way to Texas to get some more melons with ridges. I'm going looking for those peaches again Saturday morning.

The watermelon search continues. I'm going to find another one from Mississippi this weekend.


gin said...

two of my favorite fruits. Shouldn't peaches be Georgia Peaches?

Pegi said...

I vote for the elderly couple in the truck with LOTS of watermelon - on the corner of Arnold & Walker North. Delicious Watermelon! They also have tons of squash!

Anonymous said...

There are few things better in the summer than the perfect watermelon! I haven't found any great peaches this summer either.... yet. :-)