Saturday, July 2, 2011

My long weekend to do list.... ***Updated****

1. Clean off dining room table.
2. Fill one box with books to donate.
3. Clean front porch with pressure washer.
4. Return shoes.
5. Walk the neighbor's dog, Buddy.
6. Water and weed roses.
7. Organize plastic containers for food ministry onto new garage shelves.
8. Clean outside windows on back porch.
9. Bring Barbara to New Orleans airport.
10. Saturday late lunch with the hubs in our dating dinner spot in New Orleans.
11. Big grocery shopping trip with dinner plans and coupons.
12. Make meatballs to freeze.
13. After church lunch with Aunt Margie.
14. Wash and gas up new car.
15. Get a watermelon.
16. Clean the bathrooms.
17. Empty one box in upstairs office.
18. Clean fridge.
19. Buy shorts.
20. Weed eat.

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