Saturday, July 30, 2011

What I cooked the neighbors- part two

Take this out of the fridge and let it warm on the counter about an hour before you start.

empty one can cream of chicken in a bowl

with one can mixed vegetables and chicken. Stir.

Where you gonna get the chicken from? You can either bake one the night before and use the leftovers. Or if you already done that trick, you use the chicken and stock from your freezer. You know, the chickens you made stock out of and then froze, the ones you usually use for dumplings or gumbo. If you use baked chicken you have to add a can of chicken broth. If you use the chicken and stock from freezer- no broth.

Put the crust on bottom and on top and make a little hole in the middle for the steam to escape. Usually I just put the one on top and skip the one on bottom.

Cover with one of the 11 rolls of Aluminum foil you got when it was on sale last week for $.49. Kick yourself for not buying 11 more.

Write out the directions for the neighbors and walk it on over.


Stacey said...

Great idea! Sounds delicious.

Pegi said...

Bobbie - - Your "Chicken Pie" is very delicious !