Thursday, August 11, 2011

I have a confession

I don't like my laundry room. Really, I hate it. Its really small. Its really crowded. Its not really a laundry room, not the big one I wanted. Its a little walkway from the garage to the kitchen. and its always messy. There is no way to keep it neat! I've asked my husband more than once if we could expand it somehow. Apparently, we cant.
My niece came over. She needed a fly swatter for her 2 year old. her and her 8 year old followed me into the laundry room.  Both said, " WOW!! oooohhhh...... how nice. a laundry room. A separate room just for laundry" They were both so impressed.
I suddenly remembered growing up in an old house having to go outside in the cold, and outside in the heat to use the washer and dryer. And living in an apartment bringing my clothes to the laundry mat in the building, hoping to find an empty washer, waiting around for an empty dryer. And driving around looking for quarters and a laundry mat. And bringing  dirty clothes to my boyfriend's house. Bringing dirty clothes to my aunt's house. Bringing dirty clothes to my friend's house. Bringing dirty clothes anywhere else I could find a free washer and dryer. 

Suddenly, I don't hate this little room. Suddenly, I really like this little room. Funny how that happens.


gin said...

It's a nice space. Your washer and dryer makes a nice impression. I like them.

Pegi said...

I love the w/d space ! Especially during Katrina ! THANKS AGAIN !

E. Tyler Rowan said...