Saturday, August 6, 2011

Paula Deen's strawberry cake

Can you tell this magazines been in the kitchen a few times?
It all starts with a box of white cake mix, which by the way, was on sale at Albertsons last week for $.69, so theres  now 5 relaxing in my pantry waiting to be called to duty.
Add a box of strawberry jello. Sometimes I use sugar free.
Stir it up a little.
Add 4 large eggs.
like that.
Add 1/2 cup oil and 1/4 cup water
Get one large (16 ounces) of frozen strawberries in syrup
and take it for a ride in the blender. Add 3/4 of the mixture to the cake, and keep 1/4 of it or so to the side for later.
Spray the two baking dishes
Pour in the batter and cook at 375. The recipes says for 20 minutes. I cook for 25 minutes.
While your waiting, combine one block of soft cream cheese with 1/2 stick of soft butter
Like so
Add 7 1/2 cups of powdered sugar. yes, I said 7 1/2 cups. and the rest of the frozen strawberries.
The recipe doesn't mention fresh strawberries but what can they hurt?
go outside and cut roses while the cakes cool
and start frosting
I put the fresh strawberries sliced thin between the layers.
and start frosting the top
finish with a few strawberries on the top
Less than 24 hours later......


gin said...

Perfection! all the way from the instructions to the fantastic pictures!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Oh yum. That almost makes me want to bake! Almost... But I'd rather you bake it and I just enjoy. :)