Saturday, September 10, 2011


Saturday morning entertainment at the yard sales
2 metal wire tables for the back patio
a very large (very dirty) brass leaf dish  (i just saw this in a magazine somewhere)
9 Christmas dessert pates with each reindeer (thus starting my search for the other plates)
a stick blender
a leaf necklace
a kitchen food scale
tall brass candle stick (Now I have a set. I'm going to do this)
large crystal biscuit jar with lid 
"antique" secretary
(probably not really an antique. looks like made in 1970s)


Kelli Herrington said...

I love all your find, I need to go with you. I never find that great of stuff!

gin said...

nice found everything I wanted..

Pegi said...

I love the antique secretary - 1970 - was a good year - (the year I graduated !

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful finds! You have inspired me, I must get back to yard saling (the last of it for the year) and thrift shops.

Love the brass leaf. That is my favorite!