Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things I'm dreaming about eating (and will as soon as gall bladder surgery is over)

french toast
neapolitan ice cream
shrimp po-boy
greek yogurt with honey
apple chicken pecan salad from wendy's
chicken finger sandwich from cane's
fried chicken from popeye's
fried catfish at middendorph's
trial mix
shrimp and corn soup
frito pie
turtle cheesecake
prime rib from dempsey's
steak made by my husband (alton brown recipe)
sour cream and onion chips
banana pudding with homemade carmel
fries with a lot of ketchup
lemon aide
big hamburger
roast in the crockpot
fried pork chops
#38 from roly poly
beef and brocolli from pf changs
mcdonald ice cream cone

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