Sunday, November 6, 2011

A little dose of reality

Two months ago. I hurriedly wrote out a birthday check for Asimo (my Compassion International child.)

I didn't think much about it.

I even forgot about it.

It wasn't much.

It was $10.00.

Less than I spend on groceries I throw out when cleaning the fridge weekly.

Less than I spend each week on coffee.

Less than I spent for ingredients to make an apple cheesecake that I dropped  on the floor and completely ruined today before it went into oven (more on this later).

Thinking it would get her a new hair bow.

or some new socks.

Or a coloring book and new crayons.

Then I got the letter today.

Thanking me for the birthday gift.

The family bought two hens and a guinea fowl.

... and she wrote "May the loving God keep blessing your hands for the love you have for me"



Unknown said...

That is so cool. We forget how far a little cash will go sometimes. Great inspiration today.

Sharon said...

LOVE this. :)!

Pegi said...

"You have truly Blessed a family - beyond measure"!