Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reading. Panning. Browsing.

How to make mice Christmas tags for next year's packages. (I really want her Pottery Barn Christmas wrapping station too.....)

Hello Mornings Challenge

Impressive. They paid off $125k in debt.

December 24, 1969. The first woman in Congress to wear pants. Reported in the Washington Post here.

Online Bible studies. This one, or  this one, or this one or that one. ( But I'm leaning heavy toward this one) (want to do one together?! Pick one out and tell me which one your doing!)

Planting Camellias

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gin said...

i looked at the Bible study of "the one your leaning too" and i will do it too. i'll try to get my book this week. and please do post on your blog every week about it so I will stay committed.
I like camellias, but don't have any planted here, but may try to work them in next planting season.