Friday, December 30, 2011

This week, I...

...fell in deep love with this chair at Lay-Z-Boy store, until I found out it was not made in the USA. It was hard to let go. It really was the best chair for me. (sniffle...)

... considered the same chair in fabric (which is made in America), but really want leather.

...took someone along with me to run errands.

...don't think someone really likes the backseat.

...battled intense feelings of jealousy and then depression when my friend (who I teach high school girls SS class with) sent me this picture from her vacation.

... celebrated long awaited good news with a early morning suprise bouquet for another friend.

...kept looking at chairs. This would fit perfectly in the "second upstairs" room that I've only decorated in my head.

... settled on this one, very happily I might add. Made in the USA, in stock, and  the last day of a major sale.

... left the grocery store after work and struck speechless in the parking lot at the beautiful sunset.

... sent the husband to the grocery store. Its always interesting what he brings home.

... continued to search for a can opener. Rejected this one.

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