Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update Week #3

Week #3.  Also known as the week I slightly cheated. Cheated in the middle of the week by getting milk, coffee,  and peanut butter outside the budget. Cheating will continue into next week when I'm cooking and bringing dinner to someone recovering from an operation. Overall, I still call January grocery challenge a wild success.

Breakfast:  Oatmeal (from pantry) and once from McDonald's, banana, yogurt, grits (from pantry), hash browns and eggs

Lunch:  Leftovers, tuna fish (from pantry), and Subway

Dinner:  BBQ chicken, potatoes, veggies (from pantry), cornbread (from pantry),  and black eye peas with ham (from freezer), leftovers, peanut butter and jelly (in fridge) sandwich and pecan waffles

 My one shopping trip this week
Amount spent:
Lunch:  $9.84
Groceries: $34.16 (supplemented with left over lunch money)

Did I mention I got a waffle iron? and how much I love it? and it was FREE?

I saved stamps from Albertsons for three months. I shook down everyone at work for their stamps. I announced to the people in line I would take any they weren't gonna use. I asked the cashiers if they had any someone left. I looked in the parking lot every time I was there. I was shameless.  160 stamps later, free waffle iron.

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gin said...

Good to see you are on track with the food . I love waffles . Great job on getting your waffle iron!!