Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Is it too soon?

To start making a weekend plan list for my very-much-anticipated-upcoming- four day weekend?

I say no.

21 things I will do this long weekend:

1.  Plant my new pink rose bush (this one) (Thanks honey).
2.  Plant confederate jasmine or Carolina jasmine vines on back fence.
3.  Touring "one of the best  private collections of Camila's in America" at this Camila show.
4.  Sleep in.
5.  Get stacking shelves at Home Depot for closet in office.
6.  Empty, re-arrange and declutter one closet in office.
7.  Plant a Camila in back yard.
8.  Clean out jasmine vines near garage, mulch and make brick border.
9.  One last king cake.
10. Look at curtains for dining room.
11. Sit in chair with my feet up wrapped in a leopard print blanket.
12. Watch everything on the DVR.
13. Get a wedding present bought and shipped to Maryland.
14. Wash the car.
15. Order vacation information. This year: east coast of Florida
16. Nap.
17. Catch up on this Bible Study
18. Starbucks.
19. Get a head of my class in this Bible Study.
20. Get a flat of strawberries.
21. Stay all day in my PJs.


Scientific Housewife said...

Wow, how ambitious! Good luck with everything!

Unknown said...

Go confederate....smells fabulous!! Ih ave it on the lattice on my house and I love it! PLease it stays green year-round. I am ready for my long weekend, too. Enjoy!