Saturday, March 3, 2012

On my front door

Its long past time for the MardiGras wreath to come down and a spring wreath to go up.

Found some inspiration.

Rainy and cold Saturday at home with a napping husband turned out to be the perfect time to hit Hobby Lobby for a jumbo umbrella ($13.99), one bunch of yellow tulips ($6.99), one branch of yellow and white flowers ($4.99) and a roll of green ribbon ($3.99) to attempt  this.

very unsuccessful. It wasn't as easy as it looked. (how do you make the umbrella stay open like that and fan out?) But modified and ended up with this:

Basically made a bouquet and tied it onto the umbrella with a big bow.  Big blue bird found laying around the craft supplies with a few twigs of ivy got thrown in too.

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gin said...

wow!! very creative. it looks great..