Saturday, March 17, 2012

White and Black Oreo Cake

Very easy and very impressive Oreo cake. One box of devil's food cake mix, one box of white cake mix and one bag of any kind of Oreos you want. I want double stuffed.

 Recipe was in the paper.

Mix white cake mix as directed on box.

In separate bowl, mix devil's food as directed on box.

Then crumble up all the Oreos and add to the devil's food mix. You would expect the Oreos to be chunky and crunchy in the cake, right? No. The Oreos cook into nothing in the cake, no crunch, just little pockets of fudge-y/Oreo taste. Next time, I might just break the cookies in half and throw them in.

Spoon into a bundt pan. Half the chocolate batter first. Then all of the white batter, then half the chocolate on top.

Bake at 350.

The recipe said bake an hour and 10 minutes. I baked one hour, and it was a little over-done. next time, I'll bake 55 minutes.

Let it cool in pan.

Impress your co-workers.

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