Saturday, September 15, 2012

A peek into my Sunday mornings (Revelation chapter 1 as taught to a room full of 8 to 12 grade girls)

Revelation Bible Study Chapter 1

Why do we sometimes avoid reading Revelation?
Confusing?  Difficult to understand?
1 Corinth. 14:33: God is not the author of confusion
Deut. 29:29: God will reveal information to you
Rev. 22:20: God says do not seal up these words (meaning he wants you to know this)
Rev. 1:3: the ONLY place in the Bible that God pronounces a special blessing on you for reading his word

What is the name of this book?  Read 1:1. Revelation. Singular. Not plural. Meaning there was only one revelation not a series of them.

Who wrote it?  Read 1:1, 1:9 and 22:8.

John who?  Although the book refers to John without any further details,  it can be assumed it was John the Apostle.

John who?
Mark 1:19-20:  Brother of James and both called into ministry by Jesus
John 13:23: He was a beloved disciple
Gal 2:9: Called a pillar of the early Church
John 19: 25-27: Took care of Jesus mother Mary when Jesus asked him to do so
Acts 3:1-11: Performed miracles in early Church
Acts 4:3 Imprisoned with Peter

John who?
Mark 16:1
Matt. 20:20
John 19:25
Mark 15:40-41
(John's mother and Jesus mother may have been sisters.) 

Where was John when he wrote this book?
Rev. 1:9-10  The Island of Patmos (a prison colony)

Why was he there?
Rev. 1:9-10.  Because he was spreading the word of God (punishment from the government)

What day was it?
Rev 1:9-10. Sunday

What was John doing?
Rev. 1:9-10. Worshipping

What happened?
Rev. 1:9-10. he heard a voice behind him and he turned around

Who did John see when he turned around?
Rev. 1:12-20. God (catch all the Old Testament's descriptions of God)

What did God tell John?
Rev. 1: 11 and 1:19. Write a letter to seven churches

Write what?
Rev. 1:19. Three things.
1. What you have seen
2. What is now
3. What will take place later

What did God explain to John?
Rev. 1:20. The seven stars are the angels of the church and the seven lamp stands are the seven churches.

Where was God when John first saw him?
Rev. 1: 13 Standing in the middle of the lamp stands.

God said the seven lamp stands were the seven churches, so what does this mean?
God is intimately involved, has direct involvement and  is in the midst of the church

Where was the seven stars when John saw them?
Rev. 1: 16. In God's right hand

God said the seven stars were the angles of the church, so what does this means?
God is holding the leaders, pastors and overseers of the church in his right hand

Some interesting things about Revelation
404 verses in Revelation and 278 of them are a direct quote from Old Testament
Only one book in Old Testament is not quoted in Revelation. (Which one? Esther)
The Number 7 is used 52 times in Revelation
The word "Behold" is used 27 times (What does Behold mean? Hey.... check this out)
Only book in the Bible that pronounces a special blessing on you if you read and hear the words (Rev. 1:3)

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