Friday, October 12, 2012

31 days of simple organization:: Day 12: Does your keys have a home?

A few things you usually wont hear me say:
Honey, have you seen my keys?
Now where did I put those keys again?
Are these my keys or yours?
I'm sorry I was late, I couldn't find my keys.
Will you come get me, I've lost my keys.
Whats the number to Pop-A-Lock?
Why are my keys sitting in the fridge?
I think I lost my keys.
Butch, what did you do with Mommy's keys? (Butch says... Cant you see I'm busy looking at squirrels. Your keys are your own responsibility woman.)

At home, my keys live in an old saucer in my kitchen that was once my Maw-Maws.
They also have a special pocket in my purse where they live when we are out and about.
At work, they have their own special hook.


Pegi said...

If you ever need the phone # to 'Pop-A-Lock' - cancel it - - you can call the City Police Dept - and they will come un-lock your car for FREE - - Trust me! I know! Most times they send the same person to un-lock my car :>)

gin said...

such a clear clean and clutter free idea. thanks. my keys wind up all over the place.