Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 days of simple organization:: Day 3: Find a little organizational inspiration

I find to be more organized, I have to park my mind on the subject and hang around with people who are more organized. Here are a few for inspiration:

What does the Bible say about organization

14 Bible verses about being organized here

General Organization

Hellen Buttigieg hosts the show "Neat". This is her blog.

Janet M. Taylor  is a personal organizer and speaker and has a radio show airing each week on Monday evening at 7:00p (Eastern).  You can also go and listen to her older shows at any time. She has a lot of organizational ideas and is very motivational. I often turn her show on and listen when doing housework.

Martha Stewart. Need I say more than just her name? She also has some really good books on the subject.

Alejandra Costello  is a personal organizer who has a blog, offers both a free 7 day course as well as a longer paid workshop type program and does Youtube videos (this video on youtube is a particularly good one). I've gotten a lot of great ideas from her. A LOT!

I heart organizing blog. One of my favorites.

The Fly-Lady  is very motivational. The basic idea is to do a little everyday so nothing becomes overwhelming and it all gets done. She has a free 30 day get started series as well as free daily motivational e-mails and reminders of daily routines and assigns you a daily 15 minute job to do around the house.  She also has a lot of excellent products to purchase. I love the "purple rags" and the dusters. She also speaks at churches. (I almost talked my husband into driving 4 hours to see her one weekend.)

Time management

Using your time each morning wisely here and here

A few good books on the subject

My favorite book on the subject of organizing is Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund.  Although it was written in 1977, it has a lot of great ideas for handling your schedule, home, wardrobe and work.  I very much recommend it.

Organizational Stores I enjoy

The Container Store

Bed, Bath and Beyond

TJ Maxx, Marshall's and Ross

Old Tyme Pottery (I only go once a year to the one in Gulf Shores, Alabama)

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i am motivated and inspired and ready for some hands on instruction for orginazation.