Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What I Wore and other interesting tidbits about my Wednesday

What I Wore today:
purple turtleneck from Ann Taylor
pewter/gold pencil skirt from Ann Taylor
brown suede jacket from Banana Republic
brown tall boots from Bass
pumpkin pin from Broadmore Craft Festival
green Pulicati purse from TJ Maxx bought last Friday

Im linked with the Pleated Poppy.

Other interesting things today:
    pleated poppy
Happy Halloween.  My husband brought home the "good candy" for all 15 trick or treaters we had. I am now forced to eat it all myself.
  • Its the last day of the 31 day series. I'm both happy and sad. I'm also pretty proud I could talk about organization for 31 days in a row. I deserve a prize (or you do if you followed along).
  • I briefly considered doing a different series for the month of November, but quickly snapped back into reality.
  • Among other reasons, I'm having trouble with spacing and pictures. I need a tutorial. or an assistant to just do this for me.
  • Bath and Body Works is having the 2 for $20 candle sale again. I find the sale comes around quite often but only last for a short time. I have honestly never seen the sale for more than three days at a time. and I had a coupon. I ended up with 4 candles for $30 (this would usually be $80). I'm very proud. The lovely lady at the cash register, seeing how much joy the coupons gave me, stuck a few more in my bag. Now, I'll keep my eye open for the sale again. I have fireside marshmallow burning now. I'm hooked.
  • The housekeeper "called in" tonight and wont be here tomorrow. I am unusually disappointed. I was just really looking forward to a clean house, one I didn't have to clean myself.
  • Wednesdays will now forever be known as fried chicken Wednesday.  I invited my secretary to lunch today. I've been really looking forward to having Gumbo when she said, its  fried chicken is the special every Wednesday. I ended up having Gumbo and two pieces of fried chicken. I will now be spending every Wednesday avoiding Zeeland Street Market,  but lets be honest, I will be there every Wednesday from now on.
sitting on the front porch with the mail
and the candy the husband just brought home
gosh! I look tired at the end of the day


gin said...

Like :)

Pegi said...

Bobbie - - You look nice and relaxed as you sit on that swing waiting for your trick or treaters. I love those boots -

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

Cute skirt and jacket combo! And I love the boots, too. Hope your day was as great as you looked. :)