Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happiness project wrap-up

I might be considered a failure at the week long  happy day project (that I cant stop calling the happiness project)

However, I did love it (thank you Life re-arranged)

life rearranged
I did excel at day one, writing unexpected letters to others. So much so, I continued to write unexpected letters. Additional surprised recipents include my best friend's adult daughter (who also got a gift card tucked inside thus completing day three of the project), a sick friend and an Uncle in Kansas . I even have a few more unexpected letters waiting for finishing touches.

Day two of the project was day two of not feeling well and amid the election chaos logistics, I knew going through a drive thu wasn't going on my to do list.  Thats about the time I started feeling worse and the project and I started going different directions with me substituting my own happiness projects for the daily projects.

For instance. I got myself together enough to force motivate my Sunday School youth class to make two operation Christmas child shoe boxes this week. Thats a happiness project not just for me, but for 11 high school girls as well! (and it kind of fulfilled day 4 of the project!)

and... I also picked up a Lush Bath Bomb for my best friend as a little surprise. Not on the happy project list, but spreading happiness, nonetheless.

Not a complete failure....


gin said...

You were not a failure. You did spread happiness around during the week. That was clever how you got your Sunday School class to participate in the "happiness".

Andee Flynn said...

I live how you stayed in the game and even added your own happiness projects in there. Especially love how you've sent so many handwritten notes and that you are continuing to write & send them. Yippee.

Andee Flynn said...

I love how you stay in the game and even added your own happiness projects in there. Especially Le how you wrote so many - and continue to write & send the handwritten notes! Yippee.

Unknown said...

Don't knock yourself! Not feeling well sucks! But you were still creative and giving, and that's what the project was about! Thanks for sharing!

Nicole said...

You did great! Think of all the people you touched with your Random Acts. Not only the recipients but your students. Very awesome!