Monday, December 10, 2012

Its just another manic Monday, wish it were Sunday

Outside my window: Cold front  is here! The only way I could be happier is if I were in my sweats all day instead of just before and after work.

I am listening to: Christmas music from 101.9,  a station I barely get out of New Orleans. Its a very adult/jazzy/New Orleans style Christmas selection. (If you've never heard Otis Redding sing White Christmas, your Christmas music selection is terribly incomplete Listen to Otis here)

remember Orange Julius at the mall?

I am thinking: I  am in serious denial. Despite knowing Christmas is two weeks away, I have hardly started any Christmas shopping or decorating. A few years ago, I had 5 Christmas trees in my house. Today, I have one sitting half decorated  and it doesn't look like this situation is  going to change.
Oriental Broccoli Salad
I am looking forward to: sleeping under the electric blanket tonight.

In the kitchen: made Oriental Broccoli Slaw (recipe here) and Orange Julius (recipe here)

I am doing: Hot chocolate duty for the lighting of the City's Christmas Tree, which turned into standing in the cold directing the church youth group in how to make 10 gallons of hot chocolate.

I am planning: Christmas day dinner menu at my house. Gumbo and peppermint bark has been added to the list.

I am wearing:  my  winter coat, gloves and my new stylish and warm socks.

Around the house:  Got started on my latest project, inspired from this video by Alejandro Costello, organizing my freezer.

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gin said...

Hot chocolate at the city Christmas tree lighting on a cold winter nite is a picture perfect Christmas scene. Sounds wonderful to me! Enjoy.

Sharon said...

Don't you just LOVE Alejandra? She's worked wonders in my kitchen alone!

Sounds like a busy Christmas season for you!!