Monday, December 31, 2012

The last hurrah

Every year Thanksgiving starts nothing but one long celebration of eating too much, spending too much and working too little.  After 6 weeks or so of this behavior, I'm sick of myself and ready to cut out the foolishness and this requires a strict plan.

This weekend has been my last hurrah before the self imposed misery of January sets in. What last little pleasures did I indulge in? I wondered around the mall and found the semi annual clearance at Bath and Body Works (where I got the candle holder sitting in my bathroom window on clearance for $3.75).

I also had my favorite afternoon snack while wasting time  picking up some Christmas items at Target (for 70% off).

What exactly does my self imposed strict plans look like?

I typically do a no spend month in January  and this year I'll be joining others that are also doing it.  I've been doing this for years (and I do it at least twice a year). I find I need that drastic shock to my system to stop my free spending ways after bleeding money for the last 6 weeks. The plan's rules are different for everyone. Basically, you set your own rules. My rules are $40 a week for groceries and not buying a thing. No lunch out. No dinner out. (although around the 20th of the no spend month, we are so miserable, we treat ourselves to a cheap dinner out). No (more) new lipstick or nail polish. No clothes. No candles. No jewelry. No books. Nothing for the house. No car washes. No (sniffle) Starbucks (unless I really do really well with coupons and sales one week and use some grocery money to get it). Nothing spent but $40 a week on groceries.

Another sudden shock to my system.... I'll return to Weight Watchers. I actually returned last week, and just to make it as painful as possible, I went to the Saturday morning meeting at 7:15a when it was 29 degrees.  I had to show myself I was serious. I'm a non-compliant lifetime member, who periodically returns for a few weeks (or months) to get my eating under control and do a sugar detox. I'm not gonna lie.... its painful.

January is also the month that I commit to getting to work at 7:00a, which requires me leaving my bed at 5:30a.

Foolishness of the last 6 weeks requires a swift and painful plan.


Sharon said...

Oh my, don't be too hard on yourself!! I need to get back on a health kick again, for sure. If I can just follow my budget, I won't need a full month of no spends, but just a week here and there of fiscal fasts!

Good luck this month! I'll be cheering you on!!

B. said...

I have to be hard on myself! been too easy on myself for the long holiday season... Thanks for the cheers!! Looking forward to hearing about your fiscal fasts!