Saturday, January 19, 2013

A little update on no spend month January

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A well stocked freezer and sweet, unexpected gifts from friends who give me Starbucks gift cards for no reason, and not exactly following the plan means January has been a relatively painless month.
We're eating out of the freezer and we've enjoyed taco soup, chicken sausage (two meals), turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese, and chicken and stuffing.  We've had cereal, oatmeal or homemade egg McMuffins for breakfast and I've brought left overs or had a can of soup for lunch. Next week we're having more from the freezer:  ham and more chicken sausage (there was a sale) and more stuffing (made two big pans for Christmas and froze one in four smaller portions).  I just need fresh fruit, veggies and milk each week. 


Of course, its help that the shopping from last month has "carried over" in that things I'd ordered in December are still arriving in the mailbox. Its easy not to feel deprived when your finding rugs for the kitchen table, books and cosmetics in the evening at your front door.

Money has been spent off plan due to my unwillingness to say no to things I think are important like  gifts for others birthdays and lunch and another friend's big promotion necessitated a celebratory lunch.

$38.68 in groceries
$38.11 in groceries

I've kept the groceries under $40 each week (and I usually take my lunch to work!), which requires pre-planning and shopping wisely, which is always a good thing to practice (instead of running through the grocery store wildly throwing random things in my buggy).

I'm calling this month successful thus far. Its still been drastically limited spending and I am OK with that.

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gin said...

Glad your month was successful . I like the idea of stocked freezer and pantry. no grocery shopping sounds good to me. Friends' surprises along the way are nice.