Friday, March 1, 2013

Wet and Wild Megalast nail polish


Latest nail polish test drive:

Wet and Wild Megalast nail polish (shade 206C "undercover") is $1.99 (I found it at the grocery store!!) and this is day number 6 with hardly a chip. 

I was on the fence about the color until my high school girls in Sunday School went wild over the color and lavished un-solicited compliments.  Since high school girls love it, I can be fairly certain its a really cool and a popular color and I'm just not young and hip enough to realize it. (they called it "a dark nude")

Its only $1.99. You can get it everywhere (even at the grocery store) and it hardly chips! Its not as shiny as my favorite Revlon Colorstay, but its a close second (did I mention it is only $1.99!!)

I love it!  The only possible problem is... CVS has stopped carrying this brand and I don't know why.

Anyone have any advanced notice of whats what with that?

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