Friday, April 26, 2013

Brown rice and friends

Last week, my doctor told me I have a serious vegetable deficiency and asked me why I don't eat more veggies. I said, "so I'll have more room for chocolate."He smiled, but still said "I am serious.  Find a way to eat more vegetables."

This is my first attempt,  and oh my goodness, this is delicious.

Its so good, I made one batch last week and I'm making plans for a big batch this weekend to take to work for several days of lunch, throwing in some extra carrots and corn, of course.

I chopped some white onion, garlic and carrots and let brown in a little olive oil. Mixed it with a can of black beans, some corn I cut off the cob, a big handful of cilantro, juice and pulp of half a lime and half of an avocado.

Based on this recipe from Annie Eats and this one from Holly Clegg

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gin said...

it is a surprise, since it seems your blog shares a lot of healthy dishes. there will be a lot of fresh vegetables now that its veggie garden season. just fill up on all them this season.