Friday, August 16, 2013

Week in photos

This is my favorite game, shopping the sales at CVS.  This week's haul was $38. With coupons, I paid $13. Those two bottles of Essie are $18 alone. The CVS woman who works at the checkout remembers me each week and has started to comment of my savings.

Sunday at church.

Saturday was a beautiful day but hot. So hot, I cut my errands short and went home.

Driving to work this week.

Experimenting with Baked oatmeal. Instead of sugar, I tried maple syrup, and instead of mashing the banana, I put it on the bottom whole. 

Wednesday evening after work, the little boy next door knocked on my door with my dog. He said he came to their door and wanted to come in. Later this week, I took him outside while I watered plants. I turned around and found him sitting at the neighbor's house. Butch has made it pretty clear that he wants to move next door.

Thursday night, this was my dinner. Two nectarines.

Friday, the easiest way to  go to the grocery store after a long week. Taking a picture of the recipe with me.

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E. Tyler Rowan said...

Man, I wish we had a CVS! You get such great stuff for cheap! Miss you. :)