Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A little shopping report

I've impressed even myself with this. I just stumbled into the first day of the 80% off sale at Hobby Lobby. I wanted this gorgeous wreath but wouldn't have bought it for $229. I couldn't have put it in my buggy fast enough for $46.

This is my favorite Christmas hand soap, Candy Cane Bliss from Bath and Body Works. Its even sitting in the bathroom at work. Its  usually $5.50, but I combined a sale and a coupon and stocked up for $1.83 each. (Is it wrong of me to admit I bought 14?!)  I gave some to my nieces for Thanksgiving presents.

Unfortunately for me, I'm in love with Ralph Lauren. So much so, I canvass the big discount stores looking especially for him. I love everything he makes, except I don't love the price. I found this sweater for $35 at TJ Maxx, less than half of what it is everywhere else. 

A few scenes from my Black Friday. I'm not gonna lie..... I spent a lot of time in Banana Republic. Everything was 50% off. I actually left and then went back and bought more. I also hit Ulta and BBW. and why didn't I get more of the special one day only candles at BBW?!

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gin said...

you have the best shopping experiences! i love both those sweaters.