Saturday, May 3, 2014


Started taking pictures to my hairdresser and saying.... make me look like this.

I figured my fancy new coffee pot deserves a fancy milk frother. I love it. Makes me want to get up earlier to leisurely enjoy coffee at home, which, lets just be honest, does not happen every morning......

One afternoon at work I decided walking 6 blocks (and back!) in heels for ice coffee was not ridiculous at all. I spent the rest of the afternoon in comfy socks nursing my hurting feet.

Confession Number One: I've seen the inside of a lot of dressing rooms lately. I think this one is Dillards.
I've got my eye on this rug and I'm pretty sure its coming home with me shortly. Never mind that I have nothing else in my house that is burnt orange. I just fell in love with this rug.



Confession Number two: I've been making sudden emergency chocolate yogurt trips.
Blooms exploding in my yard.
See Confession Number One: This time its three pair of jeans later at the Gap.
Directions posted everywhere.

See Confession Number Two. Not kidding about that frozen yogurt.

..... and I bought a new bed. Yes, pretty much, just like that.

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gin said...

The bed and rug are beautiful. You are a busy lady!!