Monday, October 27, 2008

Menu Planning Monday- Freezer edition part II

Its freezer edition part II at my house.

Lets see what I can whip up this week with:

Cooked ground meat (will use this week for Spaghetti)

Frozen crawfish

2 packages of frozen chicken breast uncooked

2 packages contain 1/2 of baked chicken each (will use this week for chicken salad)

Ribs (will put in crockpot this week with cream of mushroom soup and beef broth and serve over rice)

Boneless pork chops

Pound of ground meat uncooked

Two packages of Mexican Casserole

One Shepard pie- already assembled, ready to bake (maybe this week?)

One package of taco soup (this will probaby be going to work with me)

Two links of sausage (for Red Beans and Rice in crockpot this week?)

Frozen lasanga

One box of breakfast sausage

Can you whip up dinner again this week from only your freezer?

You can see more weekly menus here.


gin said...

Yes I can. I made it thru last week with your "tuff love" with no menu. And I can use my freezer stuff for this week. Even though I am patiently waiting for an exact menu in the future.

Sharon said...

O-k some how I missed this!!! How did I do that hmmmm.
Monday pork chops salad garlic rice
Tuesday chicken & dumplings
Wednesday meatloaf mashpotatoes peas
Thursday barbecue chicken corn on the cob, left over mash taters.
Friday Turnip green soup~~~nummie
I also made Flan for desert~~ first time I ever made that, I did good.
Hope I did ok!! What do you think?
Have a terrific weekend