Thursday, November 20, 2008

A little checklist

A woman who does not have sound thinking:

is impulsive

lacks discretion

follows worldly philosophies

is driven by her flesh

lacks follow-through

is self-centered

is discontented

has emotions controlled by circumstances

seeks escapism from problems

is easily provoked

falls apart in a crisis

easily loses hope

says whatever she thinks without thinking first

is highly opinionated

speaks roughly with profane or crass talk

is overly concerned about what other people think

has unpredictable behavior

is morally careless


is given to extremes

is a pleasure seeker

is easily distracted

yields easily to temptation

struggles to develop consistent life disciplines

enjoys mindless entertainment

looks for the easy way out

thinks about the short-term rather than the long-term

is demanding

fritters away time

makes decisions based on what is easiest

A woman who does have sound thinking:

is restrained in her thoughts, her tongue, her eating, her spending
and her reactions

is calm under pressure

is purposeful in the use of her time

is a good steward

is morally chaste

has a well-ordered life

show good judgment

doesn't "lose it" under pressure

responds in faith versus fear

guards her heart and mind

evaluates what she reads or hears in light of Scripture

is mentally disciplined

resists temptation

shows delayed gratification

demonstrates others-centered living

is diligent and faithful in her responsibilities

is intentional

is modest in dress and behavior

hopes in God

gives thanks in all things

makes wise, biblical decisions


demonstrates the Spirit controlling her flesh

Nancy Lee DeMoss on the Revive Our Hearts radio program discussing her Book: God's Beautiful Design for Women: Living out Titus 2:1-5

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